To provide a free flow of information and entertainment generated by local citizens participation to affect positive change through community radio.  WDSV’s basic policy is perhaps most succinctly expressed in the station’s motto: “Delta Sounds and Voices: Informing. Educating. Empowering. Entertaining.

Throughout the infancy stages of the station, we have been and will continue to be guided by, the intent to provide a full range of entertainment through music and the spoken word, reflecting and stimulating the taste of our listening audience.

It is also our feeling that with the increasing rapid occurrence of important events that seem to characterize our times, it is vital that the citizenry be kept informed with regard to these events.  In addition, we feel it is a primary responsibility of the media to provide a broad spectrum of “public affairs” programming.  Much of our programming is intended to be not only informative, but uplifting as well, in keeping with our sense of a strong contemporary need for the deepest possible context for current events, as well as our desire to be responsive to the special character of our community.